Why Our Gym Doesn’t Have Many Machines

Walk into any 24 hour GloboGym and you’re going to see a TON of machines– Rows and rows of cables attached to arms attached to stacks of weights.

These machines usually serve a single purpose (one muscle group) and limit range of motion.  This is great when you are totally on your own and have no one to guide you on proper form, loading, progressions, or movement patterns.  The limitations of these machines help people stay safe in the absence of trained professionals.

Why don’t we have these machines in our gym?  

  • Because they limit how you can move, your body never gets the full range of motion for any exercise.
  • The preset movement patterns mean that your body won’t be forced to build stability, agility, and mobility.  
  • The static design of the machines prevents your stabilizer muscles from activating.  
  • The large footprint of the machines mean they take up a ton of space on the gym floor

Our programming relies heavily on what is called functional training. This means we are utilizing things like kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, slam balls, ropes, and other implements to recreate movement patterns you actually need in real life.  Deadlifting mimics picking things up.  A burpee simulates getting yourself up off the ground.  An overhead press is like lifting something up over your head.  Pullups, ring rows, or rowing strengthens your ability to pull and hold objects in front of you like holding a child.  The squat is like getting up from a seated position.  

And because everything we do is staffed by a certified friendly coach, we’re going to make sure you’re doing it all with proper form and appropriate weight.  And yes, if you do come into our beautiful new facility, you will see a couple of machines– these are primarily for Coach Steven to look at himself in the mirror!

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