Pricing Information

Because we custom build every membership for each client, our pricing is dynamic and varies from person to person based on your needs and goals. The best way to get an accurate price for you is to schedule a free no sweat intro with one of our coaches.

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What is prescriptive fitness?

Prescriptive fitness meets each client where they are and provides a personalized solution that will most effectively meet that client’s needs and goals. Prescriptions may include a combination various services.

Small Group Training

5-15 people working with a certified, friendly trainer. The cost averages out to around $10 per class.

Personal Training

Personal training provides 1 on 1 attention to maximize your results. PT ranges from $60-75 per hour long session.

Nutrition Coaching

Eating right is the fastest way to burn fat and lean up. Our nutrition coaching helps you do just that for just $99 per month.

Kids Program

Our kids program is an amazing way to help your child become healthier. Classes start at $10 per class.

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