Why I Bought A Gym

In 2013, I had insomnia.  Every night, I would be awake from 2-4 AM.  I was stressed.  I was tired.  I had compounding health issues from those things. I tried cutting out caffeine.  I tried all kinds of diets.  Nothing worked.

Even though I was out of shape and overweight, I went to the gym regularly.  Mind you, I didn’t LIKE going to the gym– there wasn’t any direction of what I should do, and most days I just wandered around and did whatever machines were open.  At the end, I’d run on a treadmill or elliptical machine for a while to get a sweat.  And at the end of each day, I found myself thinking “why can’t this be more fun?”

My mom, a gym owner and coach, encouraged me to check out the new gym that had opened up near my house.  “It’s 5 minutes away, J.D.– you have no excuses! Just try it.”  I finally did, and it changed my entire life.

That soul-crushing insomnia? Gone.  My stress levels?  Plummeted.  My energy?  Higher than ever.  And the best part is that I looked forward to going to the gym every day. When the opportunity came to become the owner of Lakeland Health + Fitness in 2019, I didn’t hesitate.  I knew I wanted to help other people change their lives the same way mine had been impacted.

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